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The stacked up memories.
Friday, 24 May 2013 | 23:24 | 0 panda
It's been 5 months now. Well, happy belated birthday to me. It's not the birthday that I have in mind. The one that I've imagined last year. Now I know that it's sucks to be single on your birthday. It really do. I know you guys that have your gf/bf celebrate your birthday with them would say "Oh come one, it can't be that bad." TRY IT.

I know I've said, I can live without a boyfriend in my life. But, I can't lie to myself when I miss having a good morning and goodnight texts. A surprise visit from him. Eating ice cream in front of the house. Hugging him when I'm sad. Being there for him. Went to his football tournament. Cheer for him when he's down. Celebrate his parent's anniversary. Buying his younger sister a teddy bear. Holding hands when we watch movies. On the phone in the middle of the night till morning.

Okay. I better stop before I start crying. I have these stacked up memories that I can't just click delete. I loved him with all my heart but I guess my love for him isn't big enough. I still don't understand why do people cheated on their partner. Why do people lie when you could just tell the truth. Yes, girls can't handle the truth. Everyone can't. But, we as girls will do our best to understand and handle the truth.

I'm sorry to all the boys if you guys met the wrong girls in your love life. "Society" said the people you find has always  been in front of your eyes and had been friendzone from the start. Well. yes. Some of them are true. Some are just too douchebag to be a boyfriend or a bitch to be girlfriend. I've been there. I know what it feels like to be friendzone. IT HURTS LIKE HELL TO SEE SOMEONE YOU LOVE, LOVE SOMEONE ELSE AND THAT SOMEONE ELSE DOES NOT LOVE YOUR "SOMEONE".

My mom always said "There's going to be a lot of boys in the University." And I'm like. OKAY MOM. Some of you may know the terms of "crush". Yes the one that you like know you like him/her. If your crush likes you back then congrats. But, if they don't.. MOVE ON. JUST MOVE ON. You thought you could make them happy and be there for them. Unfortunately, no.

Well, dear ex..
Thank you for being there when I needed you and thank you for loving me, eventhough our relationship didn't last. Thank you again.

                                                                                                                                         Farah Sulastree.

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